Lip Balm Kit - Bubblegum

Lip Balm Kit - Bubblegum

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Product Description:
This is an offer for a Lip Balm Kit - Bubblegum.

Product Uses:
This product can be used to learn to craft lip balm.  This kit is also a fun activity for children under supervision.  This kit includes:
(10) Natural Lip Balm Tubes with Pastel Pink caps
(1) .25 Bubblegum Flavor Oil
(1) .25 Lip Balm Sweetener
(1) .25 Pink Lip Balm Color
(1) 2 Ounces Lip Balm Base
(1) Instruction Card

This product comes with all items packaged in a box.

Storage Directions:
This kit should be stored in a cool place. The lip balm base should be kept cool to prevent melting.

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