Lemon Yellow Candle Dye Block - 1 Pack

  • $1.95

Product Description:
This listing is an offer for a 1 Pack Lemon Yellow Candle Dye Block.

Product Uses:
This product is used as a colorant in candle crafting. This product works with Paraffin, Beeswax, Soy, Palm, and Gel waxes. 

Product Instructions:
1 Block will color 20 pounds of wax to a medium shade. If working with less than 20 pounds, the block should be shaved to add color to the wax. Add enough to achieve desired color.

This product is packaged in a plastic pouch.

Storage Instructions:
This product should be stored in a closed plastic bag and bin and not stored in direct light.  

Warning / Care Instructions: 
Care should be taken with this product. It will cause staining on surfaces.

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